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Energy services

Energia megtakarítás kalkulátor

Széchenyi Terv

MagyarBrands 2014-2015



Does anyone think that the planning gain benefits such as:

To preparing the good plans, firstly we need to know the developer, operator's exact needs,because only with this knowledge we can get started planning, determine the necessary tools, equipment .

Almost the all requirements satisfy by today’s technology, for example take into account the outside temperature, humidity, time of day, collect the data into one - or more - central unit, and based on these informations determined, that need to be cool or heat, and cooling or heating with which intensity must be operated in order to achieve the correct temperature .

The so-called „ambient intelligence” operated, self-learning, making decisions for the future systems, after this actual measurements made interventions compared a more effective solution can service. The ECO-MOD-SYSTEM is such an intelligent system, which just wording the needs from the user and in case of a non-professional user would like to use it, perform evaluations and making decisions assigned to energeticist qualifications.

In order for any system to function properly (house, office buildings, hotels, industrial plants ...) we need to prepare the exact plans taking into account the expectations, because a system like this determine the quality and the comfort of our everyday life and has impact for our daily financial, liquidity conditions. Beside the steadily increasing energy prices, priority important the efficient and effective, however convenient operation.

In case of any system, a not properly planned and executed system’s operating costs, even up to 15-30% can be higher than a professional, implemented with non-conventional building management and automation system solutions. The goal of such intelligence or in professional language AMBIENT INTELLIGENCE, is able to reduce energy use alone in any kind of system up to 15-30%, on the way to maintain or even increase their comfort prior to installation.