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Energia megtakarítás kalkulátor

Széchenyi Terv

MagyarBrands 2014-2015


Our company regularly carries out surveys on energy and providing energy advice. Based on our many years of experience, and our own developments and results, we can provide ready-made solutions to our partners.

Our customers will receive the following services: 

description and evaluation of the initial state of the system, based on our energy survey


define of the optimization points (building construction, joinery, mechanical engineering, automation ...)


the expected savings of the optimization points themselves (if only one is carried out)


profitability indicators of the optimization points themselves


points of optimization effects on each other


individual cost of investment, eve, with contractor's bid


calculations of the expected return on remodeling

Nowadays for the use of the buildings, and from January 2012 to sell a property, have to be given energy performance certificate. To make this certificate, I have the exam, the eligibility and the needed experience. The energy performance certificate I can make existing buildings – based on reliable plans or on site survey - even in the planning or construction stages on or for homes before use.
I also undertake to carry out energy calculations, if you want to start supporting energy renovation contest. I offer to carry out the calculations, technical data sheets filling, in energy advice, but even I take the complete control and documentation of the project.

But what is the energy performance certificate? What does it show you, what does is certificate? And why is it important for a building owner, operator?

Nowadays with the rise of the energy prices and with the appreciation of the effects of climate change, becoming increasingly important the energy quality of buildings. Perhaps few people know this, but our energy consumption - and thereby energy costs - two-fifths of connected for our buildings. Including this, we use the most of the energy to operate the building , and relatively small part of energy using is the building material’s production, delivery, construction and demolition. In the Hungarian climate the most of source the heating takes up, but not negligible neither the hot water heat demand. We also use energy for lighting, operation of household devices, occasionally cooling and ventilation of the building too. We can not go unnoticed next to the non-usable energy which is "dispersed" by the facilities. These items are delivered the utilities of the building - and it is the basis to calculate the amount of CO2 emissions of the building’ operation.

With energy investment, not only the actual current expenditure are reduced, but also increases the market value of the property. (vid.: other European examples, specifically Austria’s statements).