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Széchenyi Terv

MagyarBrands 2014-2015

EcoMod heatEcoMod heat


The ECO-MOD-HEAT system has been developed for heating functions energy optimization (reduce energy using unchanged comfort parameters).

The system arbitrarily used: The system compared to other regulation system is working to produce the required parameters with the prevailing minimum energy besides fulfilling the needs which required by the technology.

The system can be extended and supplemented by carrying out other functions of the facility as well, such as: The system is fully Hungarian development thereby the technical support, the user’s individual claims more flexibility in handling, regardless of the nature of the problem it can happen with shorter deadline and customized system much more. These features greatly enhance the competitiveness of the system, compared with competing systems. Be interpreted as a significant advantage for our system the complex problems and functions management and shown in comparison to other systems energy efficiency, energy saving
The system is able to work smart online HFR (heat and smoke vent windows) systems, which function may lead to the establishment of additional energy optimization.