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Széchenyi Terv

MagyarBrands 2014-2015


is an available integrated system which ensure free automatically involvement for the compatible mechanical and electrical control systems (without place and surface limitation) and over the normal supervisory functions includes more integrated modules.

With the help of these modules (which modules can be arbitrarily pick and choose by the subscriber) the users can achieve more information, more comfort, faster running thread, more efficient and faster work and energy-efficient operation.
One of the most cost-effective options to connect to the system is the ECMS-CLOUD-MBWF-GW device, which can connect to the controllers, wireless devices and can switch them automatically into the ECO-MOD-CLOUD system in Plug&Play way. The user can resort the available services on the corresponding surface of the the subscription.

The device is connected in the CLOUD system with multiple and multi-level authentication. Into the user’s information system external entry, call-up is not initiating and not build up, so the ECO-MOD-CLOUD system constitutes a higher security level operations than the conventional monitoring system, where in any case a person (user or service) initiating call-up into the information system, and with this make a vulnerability exists in the user’s system. This solution is allow less and less places, at the same time in these places also need to access the system from anywhere. ECO-MOD-CLOUD system is give opportunity for this.
Users in terms of access are not connected to a computer, the access is works on computer, tablet (iPad and Android), smartphones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry ...) and any tool which can run full-featured web browser.


ECO-MOD-CLOUD SYSTEM’s available services:

       ECO-MOD-CLOUD BMS      

 - graphics cloud-based monitoring system, integrated support and operation log module. Operating on the unattached platforms


 - integrated document library


 - specific geographic coordinates for (an average of 30 km with an accuracy of ) the real meteorological data. Forecasting Opportunities 24 hours, 2-3-4 day

       ECO-Control App.

 - Smartphone app providing integrated direct treatment with built-in power module.  


RWA rendszer kapcsolat, mely kapcsolat segítségével a rendszer automatikusan használja az RWA rendszer perifériáit (ajtók, ablakok persze motoros kivitel esetében) energetikai funkciókra az üzemeltetési költségek csökkentése érdekében.


 rendszer kapcsolat, mely kapcsolat segítségével a a hő és füstelvezető rendszer kapcsolódhat a CLOUD rendszerbe és segítségével, visszamenőlegesen”korlátlanul” naplózható, jegyzőkönyvezhető. A rendszerben van lehetőség e- üzemeltetési napló vezetésére, mely sokkal biztonságosabb kereteket nyújt, mint egy hagyományos napló. AZ ECMS-HSE-J1 & ECMS-HSE-W750 (Mol-Control Kft által gyártott) HFR vezérlő rendszer ezen lehetőséget alapkiépítésben szolgáltatja.


 - integrated analyaltic module.The registrated and pre-calculated datas by the system Or even providing them with any external databases, (SAP, producing datas,access control system... any SQL based database) and the associated data analysis and automated production module statements.integrated analyaltic module.The registrated and pre-calculated datas by the system Or even providing them with any external databases, Analize complexe cu un singur click.Analize complexe cu un singur click.